Bread Maker Trial 1: Better luck next time.


There is often much to be desired from store-bought gluten-free bread, though I have come across a few good varieties. My favorite is Udi’s: it is actually soft enough to eat without toasting, and truly reminds me most of real bread.

There is no store-bought bread out there that can really match the taste of delicious, chewy, thick wheat-bread. Or sourdough. Mmmm.

But there is hope: For Christmas I received a Breadman Pro Breadmaker, with a gluten-free setting!


It’s quite pretty – stainless steel and easy to read menu – and light to carry. Be advised that you have to run a baking cycle before using to bake off the “manufacturing oil” – whatever those are – which will delay your first trail an hour or two.

I promptly went out to buy bread-making ingredients, and I decided to try out Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Homemade Wonderful Bread Mix. It included all dry ingredients including yeast, and I added soy milk, eggs, and egg whites.


So here we go with a little product review: How did it turn out?

We-ll….not so good. I followed the instructions to a tea, but unfortunately I didn’t realize that the bread could be undercooked when the baking cycle is done. I didn’t test it because it was all golden and toasty on the top, but when I cut into the second slice it just kept getting stickier until the center was straight-doughy and underbaked. And since I let it cool before cutting, I couldn’t put it back in the oven. Sadly, I had to toss it.

Bad sign: if the bread starts to sag from the top, or the side bend in when you put it on a cooling rack, that likely means the inside is undercooked and can’t support the weight on the top.

imageEk, gooey-ness

But I will say that the Breadman Pro is pretty awesome with all the mixing,. kneading and rising. I have a few theories on why the bread failed:

  1. Too much dough: the mix says that it’s made for a 1.5lb loaf – which is the only size you can use with the GF setting – but it looked more like a 2lb loaf when it was done.
  2. Not enough baking: next time, I’ll check through the loaf and keep it on the bake setting till it’s done.
  3. Too much liquid in the dough: the mix required a lot of wet ingredients, more than other recipes I saw.
  4. Just the wrong mix for this machine!

Next steps:

  • Trying the GF recipe provided in the Breadman instructions – it’s a little complicated, but I’m going to give it a shot. They should know how the machine works best. The only issue is that they ask for dry-milk, which I will have to substitute. (I’m thinking about using powdered coffee-creamer, which has milk but no lactose.)
  • I bought a 2lb loaf mix also without realizing that the GF setting only makes 1.5lbs, so I’ll see what happens when I make it on a regular bread setting.


image Still on my quest for this!

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