Book Review: Life After Bread

Life After Bread: Get Off Gluten and Reclaim Your Health
By Dr. Eydi Bauer,

image My mom, who also suffers from Celiac’s, gave me this book for Christmas and I quickly gave it a read-through. At this point in the game, I don’t usually expect to learn anything totally new about gluten intolerance, but Dr. Bauer includes some interesting facts that I didn’t already know, especially in the exploration of neurological health.

Particularly useful is a list of supplements that are helpful for GF folks; charcoal, who knew?

Dr. Bauer’s personal story is compelling, and I would recommend this book to anyone that is new to the gluten-free world, though it doesn’t give an exhaustive list of what to eat/avoid – the book is short compared to some others out there. There is a list for further reading, though.

This book is great in reminding you to reclaim your own health despite the seriously-lacking skills of many doctors who are not aware of many conditions. It may also help you recognize the symptoms of Celiac’s that are not digestive-related in others. I did notice a few physical symptoms missing from her lists (leg pains and mouth sores, specifically) – and there are many repeated lists – but the book does encourage you to do your own research, where you will find more info. Also accessible enough to give to non-Celiac family or friends who want to further understand your disease, and the seriousness of it – it’s not just a stomachache!

Overall, Life After Bread is a great gateway book for further reading. It may be something you will only need to read through once (though there are a few recipes at the end) so you might want to check it out from the library, or pass it around with friends and family.

"Don’t let this slender volume fool you! Packed with truths and a gimlet-eyed view of the path to diagnosis, Eydi Bauer’s journey to the gluten-free life connects the dots with a woman’s heart and a physician’s wisdom."

– Jax Peters Lowell, author of The Gluten-Free Bible and Against the Grain


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