In Praise of a Sandwich: Some gluten free restaurants in Sonoma County

I don’t know about you, but when I find out that a great restaurant has gluten-free options, I get a little excited. Especially when those options aren’t just the omission of gluten, but the substitution.

And I’ve been noticing lately that more and more restaurants are offering items like gluten-free bread, pastries, and even soy sauce. So for my fellow residents of Sonoma County, here are a couple places we all can enjoy! (Note: these places do serve gluten-products, so for those who are sensitive to traces or who have Celiacs, take usual caution.)

Jennie Low’s Chinese Cuisine, Petaluma

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The only local Chinese restaurant I’ve found that will make basically any dish with GF soy sauce, and I swear you can’t tell the difference. They will also steam or stir-fry dishes without oil, which makes it healthy!

Aqus Cafe, Petaluma


They offer GF bread with any order, and also have pretty awesome vegetarian and vegan options. And dude, look at this Turkey Club (thick bacon.)

Redwood Cafe, Cotati

image Photo Source

I’ve been going to this place for over 20 years, and it’s a great, casual staple for all-day eating. They have GF options and have recently started offering GF bread! Burger, anyone?

Sift Cupcake and Dessert Bar, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Napa

image Photo Source

The ladies here recently won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, which means: it’s gooood. On Wednesdays they have GF “make your own” cupcakes where you can choose the cake and the icing flavor, and they carry macaroons every day, which are always GF. And unlike some GF cupcakes I’ve had, they aren’t overly-dense; they have a nice, light texture.

Avatars Punjabi Burritos, Petaluma, Mill Valley


What I love about these folks? They will customize your meal to be GF, Dairy-free, vegan, whatever – and they enjoy doing so!

Slice of Life, Sebastopol


Photo Source

Continually voted best natural food, vegan, vegetarian restaurant in the Bay area, Slice of Life has many GF options. Though they don’t offer GF bread or pasta (why not, I’m not sure) they have simple dishes like brown rice and vegetables, and also make pizza with a GF cornmeal crust. They have great salads and Fat-Free French fries. Yum.

Velasco’s Mexican Restaurant, Petaluma

image Photo Source

This is one of my favorite Mexican places in town; it’s not expensive, has amazing chips and salsa, and many GF dishes. I love their grilled white fish, fish tacos, and flank steak. They put this little cabbage salad as a garnish, which is super tasty.

So it’s safe to say that there are many GF dining options out there.

Do you have a favorite GF restaurant or bakery in the Bay area? Let me know!


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  2. Anne
    May 26, 2011 @ 12:08:19

    I love how restaurants are starting to be more aware of and catering to dietary needs. My DS has food allergies, so I’m always on the lookout for restaurants willing to work with me. I’d love it if you could link up this post to my new Eat Local Eat Fresh link-up!


  3. david burns
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 06:51:18

    Great web site. thanks for all the info. fyi the slice of life does now serve gluten free sandwich bread and pizzas. Always has one gluten free dessert and will be expanding that soon. thanks again, david


    • natswrite
      Dec 06, 2011 @ 17:34:53

      Hi David 🙂 I have tried the gf pizza there (good, my only complaint is that they charge extra so it makes the pizza rather expensive), and I was happy to see that they added gf bread to the menu as well!

      Thanks for reading!


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