Product Review: Udi’s gluten-free whole grain bagels


A bagel’s a bagel no manner which way you toss it – which in my book means that they will always be a splurge. But sometimes, all you want is a moist, chewy, toasty bagel. And with Udi’s new line of gluten-free bagels, you can!

Udi’s is, hands-down, my favorite gf bread line: you can actually eat it without toasting, which is rare for many gf varieties. Their bagels come in plain, whole grain, and cinnamon raisin. I decided to try out the whole grain, since they had the most fiber.




They are also dairy-free, and do contain eggs, so they aren’t vegan.

Turns out, they are delicious! They are great for a breakfast on the go. And the nutrition facts are terrible (not great, but again, it’s a bagel). Texture is very close to a regular bagel, just a little bit less gluey.

And look, 7 grams of protein! Not too shabby.

Another thing I love? They don’t list half a bagel for a serving size. I mean, who eats half a bagel, or half an English muffin? If you make calorie-rich products, have the guts to list it on the label. Grrr.

I’m also very tempted to try out Udi’s line of muffins and cinnamon rolls, but that’s another story…


Someone needs to give me a special grant so I can try out all these goodies!



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