Product Review: Thai Kitchen Pad Thai

DSCN6870 Thai Kitchen products are a great go-to resource: they’re gluten-free, usually dairy-free, and cheap. They make an instant rice noodle pack comparable to ramen which costs about 50 cents – perfect for lunches. (The best is Bangkok Curry, if you’re wondering, and stay away from the lemongrass. )

But last week Michael brought home their Pad Thai Noodle Cart, which I hadn’t tried yet, though I have tried other flavors. So how does it stack up?


 Preparation: Very easy; the noodles are already cooked, just microwave in the container with sauce and lid for 2 minutes. Everything is included. Box doesn’t need to be refrigerated or frozen – it’s a cabinet-shelf product.

Taste: Pretty decent, though the texture of the rice noodles is a bit rubbery and thick. They’re good in a pinch or on the go, but not so great compared to wheat or home-cooked noodles. In fact, their other rice noodles would be better here; I imagine the ones in their Pad Thai boxed kit (with uncooked noodles) would be way better. Sauce is good, although it doesn’t exactly remind me of real Pad Thai – it’s more like the taste of the other varieties. Something is missing from the sauce, not sure what, maybe peanut butter. I added some chopped green onions, which proved a wise choice.

DSCN6869 Ingredients: Safe on all GF and DF counts, except that it contains peanuts, which all Pad Thai does as well anyway.

Nutritionals: Note that Michael bought this; I never did because the meal is around 460 calories. Not horrible, but their other versions are in the 300-range, and that makes me much happier.

Conclusions: Very convenient to keep around for quick lunches and dinners, but if you’re looking for authentic Pad Thai flavor you won’t quite get it. The calories are also a bit high in this version. Overall, I would recommend picking up Thai Kitchen’s Noodle Carts, but go with the Sweet Ginger Citrus – it has the best tasting sauce, and since all the noodles are the same, you’re really picking the sauce. And add veggies to make a complete meal!

Grade: B. The real winner? Below.



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