Tasty gluten-free buys at Trader Joes

So in continuing my thoughts on saving money and being lazy, I thought I’d share some of my favorite buys at Trader Joes, which has gotten more expensive in the past few years, but still has some good items – all these products are wallet friendly!

Shepherd’s Pie

Not dairy-free, but really quite tasty for comfort food, and while the box says you can get 2 servings, the whole boxed-meal is in the 300-calorie range. I always add peas or some veggies to make it feel more complete. Tasty comfort food that feeds the Irish gal in me.


Organic Brown Rice 

Comes frozen in pouches that you can drop in the microwave for 3 minutes. Perfect for quick side-dishes. P.S. don’t buy the microwavable rice that comes in a non-frozen pouches, it has extra oil, calories, and an odd flavor.


Rice Pasta Macaroni

Did I say comfort food? Again, has dairy, but tastes just like the real deal.


Brown Rice Penne Pasta

Very economical, whole-grain, and great for all kind of pasta dishes. TJ’s also carried spaghetti and some other kinds of rice pasta. Watch the stickiness of rice pasta, it can stick together and is best when eaten fresh. Try rinsing the pasta right after cooking to get rid of some extra starch. 


Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas

I dig these babies – dairy and gluten free, less than 300 calories! Just add some veggies on the side and you’re set. Also perfect for vegetarians. These are basically TJ’s version of Amy’s enchiladas – try and spot the difference! (The price, for one.)


Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage

These are, hands-down, my favorite sausages ever. They are sweet and savory, gluten and dairy-free, and already cooked; just heat in a skillet for less than 10m.


Mini Chicken Tacos

Very cute, little tacos that you microwave. They come with chicken inside, and you can add whatever you wish. I am partial to adding crunchy baby carrots.



Always read labels, but TJ’s will help you out with labels like this:


Also, they provide a pdf with all the different GF products they carry!


Thanks for the awesomeness, TJ’s!


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